Updated Live Musical Performance Schedule

A highlight of the Charlotte Nativity Festival is the live performance of Christmas music by various school, church, and community groups. See the schedule below for this year’s line-up of musicians:

Friday, December 1st

5:30 – Charlotte Academy of Music Artistry Students
5:50 – Ruesch Family Violinists
6:10 – Hannah and Ellie Rabon, Voice and Piano
6:30 – Kim Butler and Julie Dean, Vocalists
7:00 – Resounding Joy Handbell Choir from St. Gabriel Catholic Church
7:30 – David W. Butler High School Chamber Choir
7:45 – East Mecklenburg High School String Trio

8:15 Violet Pan Violin Academy


Saturday, December 2nd

5:30 – Fort Mill 1st Ward Primary Children’s Choir
5:45 – Bryce Turner, Piano
6:10 – Barnes Family Violinists
6:30 – Providence High School (North Carolina) Chamber Choir
6:50 – East Mecklenburg High School Chamber Orchestra
7:20 – Schwartz Family Musicians
7:35 – Ardrey Kell High School Orchestra Players
8:00 – South Charlotte Men’s Vocal Ensemble
8:15 – Missionary Choir from the North Carolina Charlotte Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints



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