Beautiful Christmas Music

Come and listen to wonderful Christmas music performed by various school, church, and community members.

Performance Schedule

Friday, December 2nd

5:30 Shawen String Players

5:45 Hawks in Harmony (Elizabeth Lane Elementary)

6:00 Rorie Family Singers

6:20 Charlotte Academy of Music

6:45 Benjamin Youth

7:00 Ellie Morgan (guitar/voice)

7:30 Ashley Barnes Music Studio

8:00 St. Gabriel Catholic Church Bell Choir

Saturday, December 3rd

5:30 Schwartz Family Musicians

5:50 Adedaide Wood (voice)

6:00 Dani Garrett and Brigham Hardy (harp/cello)

6:30 Savannah and Ainsley Yanz (Voice and Piano)

6:40 Carrie Smith (Voice)

6:55 Bryce Turner (piano)

7:10 Dawn Carpenter and Tamar Rowe (harp/piano)

7:30 Alisha Brooks Piano and Voice Studio

8:00 Anderson Family Musicians

8:15 LDS Missionary Choir


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